JBC DR560-A Desoldering Iron

I found a JBC desoldering iron together with the proper stand on Ebay, for a reasonable price (considering the cost of JBC equipment). Sadly there wasn't any information online if anybody had managed to connect this iron to the entry level JBC stations, in my case the CD-2BE. So I bought the DR560-A in the hope to make it work somehow.

Schematic and image gallery at the bottom.

After the desoldering iron arrived, I noticed that the end of the heater cartridge looked familiar. It plugs straight into the T245-A Handpiece and heats up without a problem.

By opening the connector and taking some measurements I was able to get the pinout of the DR560-A. The drawing shows the male connector which is connected to the lead. The 1k18 Resistor probably acts as an "ID" for the modular stations.

The pinout of the T245-A was already available on the internet and the colors of the wires match.

After creating a simple adapter cable between the soldering station and the DR560-A and adding a relais to control the vacuum pump, I was able to confirm that everything should work as planned.

The pump as well as the filter holder came from my old desoldering station, a cheap chinese one which served me well for a few years.

I had to make a small modification to my soldering station in order to get the automatic sleep mode working. I soldered the green wire between the internal tool holder (connector with blue and black wire) and an unused pin on the flat flex cable that connects to pin 4 of the iron connector.

Next I designed a simple enclosure to be made from 1.5mm aluminium sheets and 20x10x2mm aluminium angle. The overall size ended up at 250x150x60mm.

The gray cable clamp got later replaced with a proper connector. The IEC outlet is used to switch my soldering station on at the same time.

I cut all the aluminium with an old blade on the table saw. All non circular cutouts had to be made by hand with a fretsaw and files. Everything is simply riveted together and the side panels are screwed into M3 rivet-nuts.

Testfitting everything into the enclosure. Mounted to the top you can see the 24V 1A power supply and the "control board" with dc-to-dc converter, relais, and voltage regulator.

Painting the enclosure matte black.

In the background you can see my fathers Felder table saw that I use.

Final assembly. I wrote all the connections onto the vacuum pump for future reference. For now I've added foam between the pump and the side panels, I'm not sure yet if that dampens the sound effectively.

Everyhing is now in its place and works as intended. The power switch in the front is much more convenient now (on the CD-2BE station it's on the back). If I want to desolder something I flip the toggle switch. The LEDs show which tool is selected and the potentiometer controls the vacuum power. You can also see the vacuum tube connected to the filter.

Schematic (also contains the type of connectors used)
Image gallery